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I thought I was graduating, but the journey was just beginning. 

The day after I graduated yoga teacher training in June 2017, my grandmother died. Five months later, November 2017 my grandfather died. One month later, December 2017, my mom died. Eight months later, August 2018, my uncle died. Ten days later, my dog died. 

Grief has been an invaluable "graduate school" for me to learn what it means to LIVE yoga.

Living with so much loss all at once has totally changed the meaning of the idiom, "Dancing on his grave" for me. Dancing is [a] movement.

It's a rebellion to be in relationship with life, death & fear, rather than constantly running, avoiding, or being a wallflower. 

It's been my catalyst for growth, healing, and a greater freedom in life after loss.

Their deaths were my re-birth.

Grief is my classroom.

My yoga mat is my laboratory.

& the dance floor is where my life happens.

My mission is to share what I've learned & continue to learn with as many people as I can.

With love,




Why Death? Why Gravedancers?


I believe that death cannot be excluded in conversations about life. I dream of a world in which the reality of death isn’t ignored, feared, or written off as simply “a part of life”, but rather inspires and awakens human beings to their full potential.

My mission is to bring uncomfortable topics out of hiding and into the mainstream.

To directly confront the ultimate fear, for the sake of the freedom that can be tasted on the other side. To give voices to grieving people, to share messages of hope and healing in life after loss, and to bring love into the spaces that are by-and-large dominated by fear. To educate on the processes of dying, and bring sacredness back to the moment of death.


To encourage others to dance with their fears, because “the dance” is where life is actually lived and celebrated.


I believe we are all ripe for something. Fear of the unknown can be the thing that holds us back, or it can be the thing that inspires us to move mountains and trust that the time is now.

What are you ripe for?



"Attending the [Conscious Grief] workshop was pivotal for me in my healing process following the unexpected death of my mother. I felt seen. I felt heard. I felt a part of something bigger than myself, and this last bit has become my grace as I live during this season. We are all connected to each other and will grieve at some point in our lives. I appreciate how Alyssa welcomes loss, death and grief as a normal and expected part of living a human life. This aspect allows for connection with one another, as well as a closer, brave step into ourselves, versus the all consuming desire to isolate while enduring loss. Thank you for this workshop and this community!" - A.P.

"Alyssa holds space in a way that is entirely unique. She has an incredible ability to help people connect to themselves, the depth of their experience, and each other. She leaves space for each individual's process and the complicated emotions that arise from grief, while at the same time making it clear that we are not alone. I am so grateful to have access to Alyssa's teaching. If you are hemming and hawing about whether to work with her, do yourself a favor and just do it - your future self will thank you." - A.F.