Have you ever experienced a loss or traumatic upheaval in your life?

(I'm willing to wager you have...) 

Notice what resonates here:


>>You're feeling the effects of this loss or change physically, mentally and emotionally.


>>You feel overwhelmed, uncertain, fearful about the future, and you're not sure what to do about it.

>>You feel misunderstood, unheard, or invalidated by your friends and family (even society, as a whole).

>>You're having trouble finding people who can offer you the support you need.

>>You feel like a burden to others, and find it difficult to communicate your needs.

>>You feel like your life is ruled by strong emotions.

>>You feel pressure to connect to the people and things that matter to you, but find yourself overwhelmed, distracted & paralyzed instead.

>>You struggle to trust yourself, and often outsource your feelings: seeking answers from Google, Instagram accounts, Grief groups, other people, or you compare your grief with others.

>>You've been "getting by" up until this point, and you're ready for more support.

>>You feel like you give everyone else what they need, and you're ready to give yourself the love, care & attention you deserve.

>>You feel like there's more to life than your grief.



Whether you're living with a death loss, divorce, chronic illness, financial loss, the stress of COVID 19, a big move, a career change, end of a relationship, navigating life after trauma, abuse or other upheaval in your life - you are so welcome here. Regardless of where you are in your journey, it is possible to heal and feel whole.

Since 2018 I've been creating life-affirming spaces for folks to gather, be held, rebuild and reimagine their lives after loss at their own pace, on their own terms. I believe it is possible to feel more alive, create meaning, & fall in love with your life again after loss.

I don't want you to take my word for it. I want you to experience it for yourself. 



 a 10 week group healing immersion for healing & thriving through heaviness of loss & trauma.

LIGHTEN & LIVE ON is a safe & supportive container for you to discover the wisdom within, the power available to you through adversity, and the freedom, relief & healing that is your absolute birthright. 

Healing after loss & trauma is one of the most difficult things we will navigate, and while we all heal differently, and grieve for different reasons, we don't have to do it alone. In the Lighten & Live On group coaching program, we grieve and weave this tapestry of life together. On this journey you will navigate the healing path with other hearts who can relate.

For this offering I have combined the practical wisdom of yoga, adaptive leadership, neuroscience, somatic experiencing and the tools of coaching to support you in healing from the inside out. You don't need to have ANY yoga/meditation/coaching experience to work with me or participate in this program.

One of my favorite parts of this work is supporting you in navigating the loss(es) you are experiencing now, as well as watching you build the self-trust to navigate a lifetime of loss and change. You will emerge from this experience embodying more confidence, compassion, wholeness, gratitude, wisdom, and feeling more connected to the things and people that mean the most to you. You will leave with a greater sense of direction in your life after loss, and a deeper intimacy with who you really are.

We're not here to "fix" grief, we're here to feel it, for the sake of moving through to a meaningful new normal. We're not here to "move on", or "move forward, but to move inward, to learn more about ourselves, and learn to trust in the unfolding of life

I created this program because it's the program I needed during my own grief journey. The practices and teachings we'll explore are ones that I live and breathe every day. And...they are not a one-off solution to grief. Healing in grief requires your continued participation and adaptation over time, as your life and the world continues to change.

That's exactly what you'll find in this program: You'll illuminate the courage, resilience & wisdom that is already inside you as you navigate the upheaval in your life.

Your grief is welcome here.

In this experience you will:

  • Learn tools & skills to support you in adapting to a lifetime of changes.

  • Cultivate more peace and ease in your life after loss. 

  • Reconnect to the wisdom of the body.

  • Meet yourself and others with compassion.

  • Learn techniques for regulating the nervous system.

  • Ritualize the expression of your emotions.

  • Release the heavy emotional & physical traumas you've been carrying.

  • Free yourself from patterns that are getting in between you and the things that matter to you.

  • Be supported by an intimate group of self-healers.

  • Build confidence and trust in yourself as you navigate change and uncertainty - unleash the expert within.

  • Embody your truest self & reclaim your power over your life.



This 10 week program includes

  • 10 Sacred Group Sessions (7 module sessions, 3 check-in calls)

  • 2 one-on-one Embodied Healing sessions with me (online or in-person if you're local).

  • Weekly meditation or yoga recordings. 

  • Weekly resources for grief, trauma & life.

  • Unlimited email/text support.



Welcoming You, Welcoming Your Grief

An introductory session. Meet the group & introduce yourself. Gain a greater understanding of grief, and what your role is in this healing journey. Learn the tools of mindfulness & somatic experiencing to support you in connecting to the wisdom of the body. Illuminate & replace unhelpful grief beliefs that keep you from truly healing. Participate in a powerful & validating embodiment experience to welcome all parts of yourself, and your grief.



Reveal & bring forth the courage & resilience inside you to face the dark night of the soul with curiosity, compassion and composure. Connect to possibility, set an intention, & name your fears to reclaim your power. We will cover spiritual concepts to support you in building greater trust in life, & in yourself. Embody your highest self as you step into the role of the leader & co-cretor of your life after loss. 


The Nervous System & Grief

Learn about your nervous system in grief, and the normal & natural responses we experience in distress. Practice techniques for regulating & self-soothing when you become activated. Learn restorative and renewing embodiment practices that will support you in creating calm in your daily life. 


Feeling to Heal

Begin the work of locating, releasing and replacing unresolved grief & core wounds stored in the physical body. Learn about the body & grief, emotional wounds, how grief shows up each time we peel back the layers of the wounded self, and the shadow work it takes to heal & navigate a lifetime of loss & change. Participate in a powerful embodiment experience for purging heavy emotions.


Navigating Relationships in Grief

Explore the impact of grief on your relationships, and reveal unhelpful relationship patterns that you've been reliving since childhood. Learn conscious communication, navigating conflict, and setting skillful boundaries. We'll cover leadership concepts that are integral to navigating a grief-averse culture as we step into the new paradigm, where grief is welcome and necessary for living a full life. 


Ritualizing Self-Care

Learn about sacred self-care, and create your own intuitive ritual that honors all of the layers of your being and allows you to savor the gift of life every day. 


Moving Forward Meaningfully

Reimagine what the future holds for you, and rewrite the next chapter of your life after loss. We'll celebrate you for the work you've done on this journey, and illuminate a path forward that honors where you've been, where you are, and what's possible for the future. The end marks a new beginning. 

The next round starts

November 23rd 2020

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You belong here.

Your feelings are valid.

You are safe to speak about how you feel.

You are welcome to ask for what you need. 

Questions? Need more info? Let's connect

Coral Flowers

"Working with Alyssa has transformed my experience of grief and loss. Her unique combination of knowledge and intuition made sure that every session was tailored to give me whatever support was right for that moment. Our sessions were never what I expected, but were always exactly what I needed. Working with her has brought a new level of self compassion and peace into all areas of my life. I am incredibly grateful to her for guiding me on this powerful and healing journey. I can’t recommend her highly enough". - C.C.

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