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Alongside you

1:1 Grief Support1


I believe we grieve alone, but that doesn't have to be lonely.

Our grief stories are longing to be told to loving ears who are there to listen and hold space for our suffering.

If you crave connection with someone who won’t look away when you cry, who won’t try to sew up your wounds that need fresh air and space to breathe and heal, someone who won’t tell you,  “it’s going to be okay”, “stay strong”, or “your loved one wouldn’t want to see you this way”…

If you are longing for someone to listen to your fears and your nightmares, to laugh and cry and dance with you, to create and hold sacred space for all of your emotions, to walk alongside you on the days you’re feeling beautiful and brave, AND the days you’re feeling lonely, fearful and forsaken, you’ve found the right place.

I am honored and humbled to walk this road with you.

What is offered:

  • 3 – 45 minute weekly 1:1 online Soul Support Sessions. Unburden your mind and heart, unpack your emotions, and share your story with a heart that is willing to listen and connect deeply. No advice, no magic pills. ALL love. ALL support. And all for you.

  • 2 guided meditation recordings to support you in relaxation and coming back home to yourself.

  • 1 yin yoga class (recorded) to support you in creating space for your emotions.

  • Daily journal prompts to help you process your grief.

  • Unlimited text/email support.

  • One 30 minute closing session/ritual.

Optional Add-ons:

Add-ons for local souls only:

+ “Alongside You” hours – up to 18hrs over 3 weeks (6 hours per week): So many people tell me "I wish I had time" to grieve and work through the more difficult parts of the grief journey. I'm offering to help lighten the load you carry. I will run errands, help with housework, babysit, walk your dog, prepare meals, care for the little ones, come over for tea, or something else that feels supportive for you. 

+ 1 hour Reiki session – to support you in cleansing the body, clearing the mind, and living with greater harmony day by day.

+ Private Yoga Session – to support you in relaxation, release, and returning home to yourself.

+ Mindful Macrame lesson for you and a friend – to learn something new and create something beautiful.

+ Sacred Space - I don't believe that beauty can remedy the pain of loss. I do believe that the absence of beauty or cleanliness in one's home can make being home after a loss almost unbearable. I'll help you organize, cleanse, purge, and create a beautiful and sacred healing space in your home.

Add-ons for anyone, online or in-person:

+ Legacy project planning sessions - up to 6 hours of brainstorming, planning, and creating a legacy project to honor your loved one.

+ Customized Guided Imagery Recording 

+ Additional Guided Meditation recording 

+ Customized Playlist 

+ Nourish yourself - Customized recipes and weekly shopping lists. A perfect add-on for "grief brain". Don't let deciding what to eat cause you more suffering or confusion than necessary.


I am not a therapist, mental health, or medical professional, nor am I qualified to make any medical or mental health diagnoses. I highly encourage participants (and anyone living with loss) to seek a therapist or grief counselor, in addition to support groups and programs, like this one.